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VANDA Insights provides you with an independent and concise macro analysis of the oil markets through daily and weekly publications. It distils the deluge of news, views and data hitting the market on a daily basis to zero in on what really matters and provides you with an expert’s perspective on the key themes, in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. The daily Crude in Sight and the weekly Bulls & Bears focus on the daily and weekly price movements in the crude futures markets and the factors at play. The weekly Oil Viewsletter provides you with high-level insights on the important trends and developments in the global oil markets. The quarterly Energy Radar focuses on critical medium- to longer-term issues. The publications go out to participants in the oil and gas industry, related sectors, governments and other stakeholders, as well the wealth management community across the globe. All publications are currently available for a free trial and will be delivered straight to your mailbox. Click the link below to sign up.


Vandana Hari, Founder and CEO of Vanda Insights, has over two decades of experience providing essential intelligence on the global energy commodities markets, with expertise in price discovery in physical and derivatives trading, development of spot pricing benchmarks and methodology, industry news, analysis and research. Before launching her current venture, Vandana served as Editorial Director with S&P Global Platts in Singapore and has published a research paper on fuel pricing and subsidy reforms in Asia.

Follow her on twitter @VandanaHari_SG

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