Trading Coaching & Mentoring - PACKAGES & WORKSHOPS



A personalized trading education curriculum geared specifically for you that is based on an in-depth analysis of your goals, your trading style and your trading experience.

Coaching and mentoring programs span 3 - 12 month timeframes. These programs are based on your individual needs and may include a combination of the following activities, lessons and support:

  • Personalized and interactive daily or weekly lessons
  • Daily, weekly or monthly review of trading journal and trading progress
  • Daily or weekly one-on-one dialogue with your coach or mentor
  • Data and analysis from exclusive third-party vendors
  • Ad-hoc lessons or calls based on market activity and conditions
  • On-site Skillshare workshops

Throughout your program you'll experience private individual attention to address what will make you a better trader. We will work to capitalize on your strengths and improve your weaknesses. We will identify common mistakes and reduce their frequency. We'll collaborate with you to formulate a plan and a process to help you reach the goals you've set for yourself.


We have several topics and formats for workshops, including our most popular which is a half-day introductory workshop geared to the Crude market.

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