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Joe is Edify Trading’s primary trading coach and mentor. He is a senior financial analyst and commodities trader and manager, with experience in both the commercial and proprietary sectors. In the past ten years, he's been focused on trading commodities, indexes and equities through futures, options, and OTC derivatives. 

Joe has established a comprehensive understanding of the crude fundamental suite. Since crude oil is a high-demand global commodity, all economic news and events in various market sectors must be analyzed and applied to trades. Joe's experience as an active trader as well as his prior experience in corporate settings means he’s developed in-depth knowledge of the ever changing global marketplace.

Joe founded Edify Trading with the goal of helping others become better traders and realize better results. He genuinely enjoys sharing his experiences, passing on his extensive knowledge, and coaching his clients towards the achievement of their goals.

Client feedback on working with Joe:

“I decided to work with Joe after realizing I needed a different perspective on trading. I had hit a brick wall. After being introduced and working together, I feel this is what I've been looking for and I’m extremely satisfied with my decision.”
“I enjoy the one-on-one service that Joe provides. Knowing time is a valuable asset, having Joe mentor me and share his experiences has helped me become a better trader. Joe has been able to figure out what works to get my attention, and with his help and guidance, the past few months have started to show positive results from our efforts.”
“I chose Joe as my trading coach based on his references as well as his credibility and expertise. Joe brings to the table in-depth knowledge on how to correctly trade the markets. After only one phone call and conversation it was obvious that Joe is a very experienced trader who really knows this business.”

Joe holds dual degrees in engineering and business from the University of Illinois.

Specialties: Trading mentoring and coaching, OTC trade negotiation, risk management, networking, market analysis, engineering, business consulting.



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